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We service Montreal, West Island, Laval, the South Shore and surrounding areas. No matter where you are and if you want to sell your scrap car for cash, we will come to you. We offer same day evaluation and pick up without the cost of towing fees. Other companies usually charge for towing or want to bring the car to them. No Scrap Car Montreal! We take care of this for you so that is one less thing to worry about.

Areas we serve

  • Montréal

  • Laval

  • Boisbriand

  • Saint-Eustache

  • Rosemère

  • Ouest-de-l’Île

  • Dorval

  • Pointe Claire

  • Dollard des Ormeaux

  • Kirkland

  • Pierrefond

  • Beaconsfield

  • Longueuil

  • Brossard

  • Boucherville

  • Chambly

  • Saint-Hubert

  • Châteauguay

  • Sainte-Catherine

  • Saint-Constant

  • L’ille Perrot

  • Pincourt

Getting cash for your scrap
car is simple and easy!

A large number of people in Montreal have purchased a car which they use for commuting to their workplace, shopping and other activities. After a few years the car may become old and require repairs frequently. In some cases, the car owner may decide to purchase a new car and wishes to get rid of his old car. In other cases, the car owner may not require the car, and would like to sell it quickly, since the value of the car usually decreases with time. Hence he would like to find out the scrap car buyers, dealers who are offering cash for scrap cars, how to get the best possible price.

While selling the scrap car, the car owner should always search for a dealer who purchases scrap cars for cash near me. While some car buyers expect the seller to deliver the scrap car at their office or garage, in other cases, the car buyer will collect the car. In either case, the cost of transporting the scrap car will be substantial, so choosing a scrap buyer in the vicinity of the seller is recommended. It is also easier to personally visit the car buyer, to get clarifications regarding the car sale, whether any other information is required.

There are many companies which purchase old cars and pay cash, though the amount they will pay and the procedure followed will differ. If you wish to scrap my car for cash, you should keep all the information about the car ready. This information includes the car brand, model number, year of manufacture, condition of the car, car number plate details and photos. In some cases, the documents of the car, related to purchase, registration, servicing and insurance will be also required. Keeping all the information ready, will help the seller get offers from potential buyers quickly.

It is advisable to contact at least 3-4 buyers of scrap cars to get the best deal possible. The price they offer will vary depending on the perceived value of the car. These car buyers usually have a network of garages and scrap buyers who will purchase the components which are used as spare parts and scrap. So depending on the demand for the specific scrap car, they will quote their best price. The price also depends to a large extent on whether the car is in working condition or whether it is not working at all. Cars in working condition usually get a much better price, since there are some buyers for cheap used cars.

Usually the car owner will choose the seller offering the best price for the car. It is also advisable to check the payment terms for the used car. In some cases, especially if the car is in working condition the buyer will pay the seller cash immediately, while in other cases, the amount will be paid into the specified bank account. The buyer will be able to pay more if the used car, is delivered to his garage or other specified location, and may charge a fee if the car has to be collected from the sellers home.

Selling Used Cars for Cash

We operate 7 days per week and are ready to pick up your scrap car anytime. We take care of all the necessary paperwork with the SAAQ for you so that you do not have to worry about that.

You let us know the time and place and we will be there with cash on hand ready to pay you and to take your used car off your hands.